Updated at 13:45,04-07-2022

Police detain man for harassing girl in Belarus


A resident of Hrodna saw a 19-year-old girl on the train station platform. She was seeing off her girlfriend.

When the train left, the guy decided to approach the girl. Even though she was not interested in the new acquaintance, the young man followed her into the station square. There he became more active: put cigarette ash on her head, poured water, slapped her and grabbed her breast.

The girl called her boyfriend, who in turn called the police.

“A man was detained near the station almost immediately after we received the message. He introduced himself as an actor, in fact he is unemployed. Physically, the girl is fine, but we are not sure about the morally aspect,” belsat.eu was told by the press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Hrodna Oblast Executive Committee.

A criminal case was brought against the resident of Hrodna for hooliganism. He may face up to three years in prison.