Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

Minsk ideologists forbid AIGEL’s concert

Pavel Sviardlou. Euroradio

Minsk ideologists forbid AIGEL’s concert
AIGEL. Photo: the-flow.ru
Minsk ideologists have forbidden the concert of the Russian band AIGEL, the musicians reported on VKontakte

"Our music has turned out to be more dangerous than you could think,” they wrote. “We have been refused the right to give concerts in Minsk twice. While we are still trying to appeal the decision in the Ministry of Culture, our Belarusian friends can attend out concerts in Kiev on May 25, 2018 or in Riga on June 2, 2018.”

AIGEL had been planning to give a concert at the Minsk club Bruge on May 24. The organizer tried getting permission twice. The chief department for ideology, culture and youth affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee refused them both times.

The formal reason for the refusal is low artistic quality. This is the seventh concert forbidden in Minsk for this reason in six months.

Officials made two punctuation mistakes in their written refusal. It testifies to the high cultural level of the people who make conclusions about musicians’ artistic quality.

Minsk ideologists forbid AIGEL’s concert