Updated at 13:30,25-01-2023

One Ultimate Proof That Potatoes Are Belarus Treasure


One Ultimate Proof That Potatoes Are Belarus Treasure
The country’s potato gene bank has just been named the national asset of Belarus by the Government.

If you had doubts about the role of potatoes in the life of Belarusians, give them up now!

On 28 September the Council of Ministers of Belarus published the relevant resolution on its website.

The document is called Resolution No726.

It declares the Republican potato gene bank of the Academy of Sciences the country’s national asset.

The other scientific insitution in the doc is the Republican bank of tissues and human cells in the Republican Oncology and Medical Radiology Centre.

Now you won’t be surprised why Belarusians think digging potatoes is fun, throw parties dedicated to potato pancakes draniki and eat them with ice-cream.

By the way, if you don’t feel indifferent to our potato passion, you can find out what kind of dranik you are.