Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Building machines leave Kurapaty

Pavel Sviardlou, Euroradio

Building machines leave Kurapaty
Photo: Euroradio
Building machines started leaving Kurapaty on the morning of February 27. The construction site is situated next to the mass grave of the victims of the Great Terror. Civil activist Anton Matolka has filmed the moment.

"This is the first time we have helped the builders," leader of the protesters Zmitser Dashkevich said when dismantling part of the fence so that the crane could leave the building site. Does it mean that the construction will be stopped in Kurapaty? We have asked the developer’s spokesperson Syarhei Neststerau, director of the company Belrecosntruction, about it. He has refused to explain the situation:

"I am not going to comment on this situation. Ask Minsk City Executive Committee and other organizers like the Right Sector. I don’t know what organizations have power in our country. Ask the Investigation Committee and Minsk City Executive Committee. Ask them to comment on it,” Nestserau replied.

He used to say that the presence of activists in Kurapaty was ‘lawlessness’. The developer complained to the police. A check-up will be conducted.

The protest against the construction of the business centre in Kurapaty started a week ago. Youth activists pitched a tent next to the construction site and started dismantling the fence. Local inhabitants joined the activists a few times.

There a few clashes with the builders and strangers in plain clothes last week. Masked people attacked the camping on the night of February 23. One of the activists chained himself to a truck the next day.