Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Third death sentence fulfilled in Belarus


Third death sentence fulfilled in Belarus
The third deaths sentence has been fulfilled in Belarus. Henadz Yakavitski was executed in detention centre #1 on November 5. Ivan Kulesh and Syarhei Hmyaleuski were shot on the same day, Yakavitski’s relatives told coordinator of the campaign Rights Defenders Against Death Penalty Andrei Paluda. They have received the corresponding document from Minsk Region Court, spring96.org reports.

Yakavitski was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of his common-law wife in January 2016. Information about the execution of Ivan Kulesh and Syarhei Hmeleyski appeared a few days ago. Human rights defenders suspected that Henadz Yakavitski had also been executed and the information has been confirmed now.

Belarus is the only European country still practicing capital punishment.