Updated at 13:30,13-05-2024

Pet hotel opens in Minsk


The first guest has already settled in the room.

The Hotel has 72 rooms for cats and dogs. Four of them are deluxe rooms with extra space. Only grown-up pets – dogs from 8-9 months, cats from 6-7 — with the obligatory veterinary passport can be left in the hotel. The facility is owned by the state enterprise “City Fauna”.

TAMARA TSARYKOUSKAYA, DIRECTOR OF “CITY FAUNA”: “At the reception we fill out a registration card on each animal. It is done by the owner who puts there all the habits of the pet and suggestions on how to walk it if it is a dog”.

Overnights for cat owners are 12 rubles 70 kopecks. Prices for dogs are about 14 to 18 rubles, depending on the animal’s weight. The VIP room will cost about 25 rubles. You could bring there a sofa or even a TV for your pet. But some animal advocates remain skeptical. Some of them believe that since the hotel is located next to the shelter for stray animals and a veterinary station it could be bad for the animals in the hotel.

However, the “City Fauna” director notes that there are different people working in these two institutions, so the vaccinated animals and their owners have nothing to fear.