Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Over 440 parrots fly away from Baranavichy entrepreneur


Parrots, illegally imported to Belarus in February, first escaped destruction by veterinarians and then flew away.

On April 25, the Economic Court of the Brest region drew to administrative responsibility a Baranavichy resident, who on February 9 illegally imported into the country 441 exotic parrots costing 116 million Br.

The birds had no papers, and border guards handed them to the Lelchytsy veterinary services and started checking the parrots’ carrier. Later the bird smuggler was given the birds for safekeeping.

According to the press service of the court, the man conducted business activity without state registration.

The resident of Baranavichy admitted his guilt in the committed offense in writing. At the trial, he explained that he was given the birds to grow and later sell. The man said he was planning to open a shop selling birds and feed and did not plan to sell the birds before opening of the shop.

When asked by the judge what happened to the parrots, the offender said that his mother had forgotten to close the door and the parrots gathered in a flock and flew away.

The court sentenced the bird lover to a fine of 2 basic units – Br 420 thousand and confiscation of funds equivalent to the cost of parrots – Br 116 million. The court order has not yet entered into force.