Updated at 13:38,03-06-2024

Cocktail ‘Holocaust’ on Homel bar menu


The administration of the bar Red Pub that organised the party called Russian Spirit says that the incident is ‘a mistake’.

Journalists noticed a cocktail called ‘Holocaust’ on the menu of Red Pub in Homel. It consisted of several liquors and the syrup Watermelon. The employees could not explain the cocktail’s connection with the elimination of Jews during the WWII. It was a mistake, they said.

Employee: “This is a mistake. We have explained everything.”

The director has promised to correct the mistake and remove the cocktail from the menu, mass media report. Red Pub is known for organizing the party called Russian Spirit in the middle of the military conflict in Ukraine. Some visitors were offered vodka for free at that time.

The Holocaust is the policy of persecution and mass elimination of Jews conducted by Germany in Hitler’s time. This is one of the most notorious genocide examples in the 20th century.