Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Freelance journalists to stand trial in Hrodna


They are accused of ‘illegal distribution of information’.

Hrodna Lenin District Court will consider administrative cases of freelance journalists Ales Dzyanisau and Ales Kirkevich today. Both of them are accused of distributing information illegally. The case was started after their piece of news about the exposition of Slutsk sashes in the Belarusian State History of Religion Museum had been shown on Belsat. It happened at the beginning of March.

Judge Alena Pyatrova will consider the cases. She is known for imposing huge fines on journalists and civil activists, harodniaspring.org reports. Pyatrova fined five people for 115 base amounts for attending the Memory Day on Svislach in 2014. Accredited journalist Mihail Karnevich was among them despite the fact that he was only doing his job on that day.