Updated at 14:48,20-09-2021

Minister: History and geography of Belarus should be taught in Belarusian


Education Minister Mikhail Zhuraukou reckons it is wrong to teach students history of Belarus in another language.

On January 21, Education Minister Mikhail Zhuraukou held a press conference in Minsk. The official spoke about the Belarusian language training. "In my opinion, we will understand that we need to have more than half of the subjects in the Belarusian language," BelaPAN quoted Zhuraukou.

The minister called the gradual rooting of the Belarusian language in education "normal" and urged to encourage it.

The minister said that next week in Minsk there will be a meeting of school representatives to discuss the teaching of history and geography in the Belarusian language. "There is a certain list of subjects that will definitely be taught in the Belarusian language. Because it is necessary to understand the native language, and talking about the history of Belarus in another language is wrong. This is our opinion, and we will introduce it," said Zhuraukou.