Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Spice millionaires caught in Barysau


Spice costing $1.8 million has been confiscated from them.

Barysau police paid attention to three local inhabitants several weeks ago. Two men were 22 years old and one – 23. They were selling spice.

Minsk police and Almaz members detained the drug dealers. The fourth member of their group, 19-year-old unemployed inhabitant of Barysau, was detained a few days later.

The police found 10 kilos of spice and almost 9 kilos of pure reagents during searches.

The drug dealers also sold spice in Moscow with the help of social networks. Russian policemen confiscated 6.5 kilos of spice belonging to the detained.

The confiscated drugs can be divided into over 150 thousand fixes costing about $1.8 million.