Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Ukraine's Donetsk: $10,000 award for pro-Russian 'green man'


Everyone who hands over a Russian mercenary to the Ukrainian authorities will receive $10,000, Boris Filatov, Deputy Head of Donetsk regional administration, wrote in social media. The region's Governor, oligarch Igor Kolomoysky, is expected to financially back this initiative.

Awards are also provided for turning weapons in: $1000 for a submachine gun, $1500 for a machine gun, $2000 for a grenade gun. If anyone removes pro-Russian activists from an administrative building and turn it over for the state protection $200,000 will be granted to them.

Who are the 'green men'?

According to Ukraine's Security Service (SBU), it is the Russia's intelligence officers who are pulling the strings and coordinating local separatists' actions in eastern Ukraine.

'Russian special forces – soldiers of 45th reconnaissance regiment deployed in Odintsovo district (Moscow region) – are involved in the acutest situations of the standoff with Ukrainian police and servicemen,' SBU reports.