Updated at 00:49,24-06-2021

Karbalevich: Belarus softly criticizes Russia


The official Minsk keeps negotiating with the EU to unfreeze bilateral relations on Belarusian terms, the expert says.

The official Minsk is interested in Ukraine’s stability and territorial integrity, Belarusian Minister for Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei told the information agency BNS. Belarus is softly criticizing Russia this way, political scientist Valery Karbalevich thinks.

Karbalevich: Openly supporting Russia in this situation means presenting the country as Russia’s satellite which is not very convenient for Lukashenka. I think this course will be continued. However, it is difficult to predict Lukashenka’s actions in a situation when Russia presents Belarus with an ultimatum: support Russia or there will be no credits.

Belarus’ advantage in comparison with Ukraine is stability, the political scientist thinks. The Belarusian government is trying to demonstrate it to European politicians. The official Minsk wants to unfreeze Belarus-EU relations on Belarusian terms, without discussing the human rights issue.