Updated at 23:17,14-04-2021

Yanukovych still considers himself Ukraine's legitimate leader, asks Russia for protection


Ousted Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych has said he still considers himself the country's legitimate president.

"I, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, address the people of Ukraine," ITAR-TASS quotes Mr Yanukovych’s statement. "I still consider myself to be the legitimate leader of the Ukrainian state, elected on the basis of Ukrainian citizen’s free will. I cannot remain indifferent to tragic events in my home country. I consider the Agreement on the Settlement of Crisis in Ukraine, signed on February 21,2014, by myself and Ukrainian opposition leaders, not fulfilled. There is rampant extremism on the streets of our country. My supporters and I receive threats of inflicting bodily harm."

In his statement, the ousted president also urges the Russian authorities to ensure his personal security against 'the extremists' acts'.

"I have to ask the Russian authorities to provide personal security from extremists for me," the statement continues. "Unfortunately, everything that is going on in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has no legitimate grounds. The decisions taken by the parliament in absence of many members of the Party of Regions faction, other factions, are illegitimate. They [members of the Party of Regions faction] fear for their safety, some of them were subjected to physical violence and were forced to leave the territory of Ukraine."

"In such a situation, I officially declare my readiness to fight for fulfilling important compromise agreements on leading Ukraine out of the deep political crisis. I call for immediately bringing the situation in our country back to the constitutional field."

"It becomes evident that people in south-eastern Ukraine and in the Crimea do not accept anarchy and lawlessness in the country, when ministers are elected by the crowd in the city square. As the incumbent president, I did not allow the armed forces of Ukraine to intervene into current political events. I do not allow this now as well. If someone gives such orders to the Armed Forces and security forces, these orders will be considered illegal and criminal."


"Since president Yanukovych addressed the authorities of the Russian Federation asking to provide his personal protection, I inform you that this petition has been granted in the territory of the Russian Federation," a source in Russian authorities told ITAR-TASS on Thursday.

It is to be recalled that Mr Yanukovych was put on the international wanted list on February, 26.The fugitive president is accused of being behind the deaths of more than 100 protesters at the hands of riot police.