Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Russian Ambassador: Russia expects nothing from Belarus for loan


Alexander Surikov held a press-conference in Minsk on Friday.

He said that Russia will pay Belarus for the use of the air base, and admitted that the Russian side was more guilty in the 'potash war'.

Surikov also recalled the credit which Russia promised to Belarus - 2 bln dollars in 2014. The Russian Ambassador informed that they had held negotiations on the credit for a year. 450 million dollars of this sum will be allocated from the state budget of the Russian Federation. It is still unknown where they will take the rest 1 billion 550 million dollars, the search is in progress, 'from non-budget funds or other sources', Alexander Surikov thinks.

The Russian Ambassador underlined that 'Russia expected nothing from Belarus.' He reminded that 'Belarus and russia are initiators of all integration unions at the territory of the former Soviet Union'. Therefore, this credit is aimed at helping the ally in hard times.