Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

Yarmoshyna insists on prohibiting election boycott


A proposal to ban campaigning aimed at disrupting elections was made at a meeting with participation of Lukashenka.

Lukashenka held a meeting to discuss amendments to the electoral legislation, the presidential press service reports.

Lidzia Yarmoshyna, the chair of the Central Commission on Elections and Referendums, presented the draft law. Some changes relate to campaigning and the ways to better inform voters about candidates at all kinds of elections.

The draft law proposes to ban campaigning aimed at disruption of elections and change the rules of financing parliamentary and presidential candidates.

Lidzia Yarmoshyna notes that voters continue to complain they have little information about parliamentary candidates. In this regard, it is proposed to cancel financing from the state budget for candidates and transfer these financial means to local election committees so they can make information leaflets and send them to voters with election invitations. "The state will take care of informing every voter about candidates," the CEC chair said.

Candidates for parliamentary seats and presidency will have the right to the free use of state media for campaigning and debates. Candidates of all levels will have the right to open personal electoral funds and finance their campaigns from own funds or at the expense of individuals and legal entities. The current legislation gives this right to candidates to the house of representatives and presidential candidates.

In connection with cancelling budget financing Lidzia Yarmoshyna proposed to raise the limit on personal coffers from 3,000 to 15,000 basic units for presidential candidates and triple the limit of personal funds to 3,000 basic units for parliamentary candidates. Those willing to run for presidency can open a bank account to set up electoral funds after registration of their initiative groups.