Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

Medical business of Dmitry Paulichenka


A former commander of military unit 3214 took over a successful medical centre.

New details appear in the scandal of the illegal takeover of the medical centre Seventh Heaven.

As charter97.org has learnt, Dmitry Paulichenka, the head of the association of veterans of interior troops' special task units "Honour", more known as the head of the "death squadron" involved in killings of Lukashenka's opponents in 1999-2000, has a direct relation to the process of "change of ownership" of Seventh Heaven Ltd.

On February 8, 2013, new owners acquired the medical centre with offices in Minsk and Hrodna. Aliaksandr Arkhipenka received a 76% stake and Ksenia Haurashka – a 24% stake.

The Hrodna office was closed soon after the change of ownership. The equipment was taken to Minsk and the staff were dismissed.

Dmitry Haluza, a former deputy general director of the medical centre, told Vecherny Grodno newspaper (the article was published on May 22, 2013) that it was an illegal takeover of the successful firm. "My family members and I received threats, including threats of bodily harm. They said they would ruin my business, harm my business reputation and deprive me of property. My family was shocked. Seeing no other ways we gave a 76% stake in Seventh Heaven to new owners," Dmitry Haluza said.

Witnesses say Dmitry Paulichenka took part in the "talks" to sell the medical centre, visited the Hrodna branch and intimidated the staff.

Seventh Heaven Ltd. was founded in May 2005. The branch in Hrodna was opened in December 2011.