Updated at 13:33,19-09-2022

Military men and policemen will be forbidden to obtain a Pole’s card


A draft law has been submitted to the House of Representatives, which will oblige policemen, military men, Ministry of Emergency employees and employees of financial investigation bodies to refuse from certain benefits.

It is the matter of the opportunities, provided by foreign states due to religious preferences or nationality. Not only the legislators want to forbid law enforcers to use such benefits, but to obtain documents, proving the right for them, Narodnaja Vola reports.

We would remind that the war on the Pole’s card has been made for long and with limited success. It is not hard to guess that the draft law’s developers first of all targeted the law enforcers, who decided to use the benefits of their national and religious affiliation.

We would remind that people, who have a Pole’s card, have the following additional rights:

- obtain a free long-term multi-visa, giving the right for multiple crossing of Polish borders without the submission of additional documents (invitation, work permit etc),

- practice entrepreneurship in Poland on the same grounds as Polish citizens,

- enter all state museums in Poland for free,

- 37% discount for railway transportation in Poland,

- ask for free emergency medical support on the same conditions as Polish citizens and other.

Parliament members and public servants are already forbidden to use the Pole’s card. Now the turn of law enforcers has come. However, a wider approach has been demonstrated here. It is not ruled out that Russia will introduce benefits tomorrow for ethnic Russians living abroad. Or, for example, Ukraine. Hence the attempt to prevent law enforcers from the temptation.

At the same time, it is noteworthy that KGB, prosecutor’s office, Investigatory Committee, Operational and Analytical Center officials will not be subjected to the new law.