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Gentlemen prefer blondes: kissing Lukashenka (video)

Zmitser Yahorau, belsat.eu

During his official visit to Yerevan an unknown blonde was in attendance upon the Belarusian President. The both were being driven in the same car which even Lukashenka Jr was not let into.

The first lady has fallen into oblivion

Aliaksandr Lukashenka is approaching a limo, but his youngest son Kolya stops short of getting into the car. Presidential bodyguards also have no idea what to do with Kolya, one of them talking on the two-way. As the result the unindentified blonde is the first to be mounting; Kolya is sent to another car.

Lukashenka joins the woman in the back seat of the limo. There are special curtains on the car windows but they remain undrawn. The woman in white bends over to the man (a white collar gives Lukashenka away). As heavy glass screens are noiseproof and there is no need whispering in a hard car their actions look suspiciously like kissing.

The scene is included in a news item produced by Armenian TV channel First. Aliaksandr Lukashenka and his son Mikalai took part in the festivities on the occasion of the consecration of a new church. The enigmatic blonde accompanied the Belarusian President like a real first lady but when journalists came into sight she distanced herself from him. In church the fair lady stood separately as well.

According to a journalist of one of the Armenian news agencies, the woman has not gone out with Lukashenka in public; she is not known in Armenia either. So, she might well have come from Belarus.

Blondes are legion

It was during Lukashenka’s visit to Vatican in April 2009 when media noticed some blonde in his minions. But the historic importance of the visit and great expectations for another round of the political thaw turned out to bear much more significance than the unknown girl who got into the shot.

In September, 2009 the Belarusian President made another official visit, and a blonde being in focus again. But there might have been another girl. A journalist of Lithuanian agency BNS took a picture of her bossing about and giving instructions to boduguards near a hotel. But taking into account the quality of photos one cannot unambiguously identify that the“Yerevan” blonde and her counterpart from Vilnius are one and the same girl.

Gentlemen prefer blondes: kissing Lukashenka (video)

Gentlemen prefer blondes: kissing Lukashenka (video)