Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Milinkevich, Niakliaeu and Janukevich urge West to start a dialogue with Lukashenka


Leaders of the movement "For Freedom", civil campaign "Tell the Truth" and the Party of the BPF issued a joint statement.

Here is the text of the document, signed by Alexander Milinkevich, Uladzimir Niakliaeu and Alaksej Janukevich:

"We are sure that only restoration of the full-fledged dialogue and cooperation between Belarus and the EU will significantly enhance opportunities for modernization of our country and its society and building of a democratic system.

We act on the premise that the full-fledged dialogue is possible only after the release of political prisoners, including determination of judicial decisions in relation to probationers and those condemned to suspended sentences. At the same time, we believe that in order to strengthen stability in the region and independence of our country, the European Union can already take a range of steps, which will further both greater openness of the Belarusian society and carrying out of urgent economic reforms.

We call on the EU to unilaterally:

As much as possible simplify the visa regime for the citizens of Belarus, proceeding from the possibilities, provided by the EU Visa Code, further aiming at total abolition of consular fees for issue of Shengen visas;

Take the initiative and start practical implementation of the terms of the agreement on the small-scale border movement within the 50 km zone on the borders with Poland and Lithuania in relation to the citizens of Belarus;

Simplify the rules of establishment and functioning in the EU of joint Belarusian-European enterprises for small and medium-sized businesses;

Enhance the opportunities for Belarusians to get European education, by means of full-scale access to participation in the ERASMUS program for Belarusian students, increase of quotas for Belarusians in bachelor and master programs of European universities; professional fellowships in the EU member-states’ state bodies, NGOs and think-tanks; increase of research programs, aiming at study of Belarus, as well as significant increase of exchange programs for the representatives of business, state bodies, scientific organizations, organizations of civil and political sectors;

Enhance the support of organizations, representing the civil society and democratic forces, which work inside Belarus.

We propose, in case the government of Belarus fulfills the above-mentioned conditions and the full-fledged dialogue with the EU is restored, to revert to negotiations with the official Minsk within the framework of the "Joint Interim Plan" (consultations were launched in the autumn 2010), which will further democratization and liberalization of Belarus.

We will support any actions, which will be in line with our principle "more Europe for Belarus and Belarusians".

We call on the European Union:

-to further Belarus to come closer to the European standards in different spheres, following wishes of its citizens and despite resistance of the power-holding elite;

-not to obey the rules of the game, which are established by the Belarusian authorities, not to wait for the Belarusian authorities’ decisions on the issues, regarding which the EU can make its own decisions.

We support the initiative "European Dialogue for Modernization" with the Belarusian society in every possible way and call on the Belarusian authorities to join its realization without delay.

We call on the democratic community of Belarus to further the European Union’s making of solidarity actions, which further carrying out of democratic and market reforms in Belarus and movement towards European standards, in every possible way".