Updated at 19:06,19-01-2022

Makiei who praised Western media

Andrzej Poczobut, charter97.org

The situation with human rights abroad troubles belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makiei, Andrzej Poczobut writes.

It troubles him a lot. It troubles him so much that he had his employees write a special report on human rights violations. He has read the masterpiece by Belarusian diplomats and now admits: they lack creativity. They simply made a re-write (sometimes with mistakes and misinterpretations) from foreign media, and that's it.


Is this even a report? Is it what Makiei was taught about working with information in military intelligence? Where are causal relationships, clear explanation about who is to blame, valuable recommendations for Western democracies on how to improve the lives of their citizens deprived of all rights?

All those points are missing in the report. And the report itself is so short, so thin and so unpersuasive. Dear diplomats, is it how you planned to perform an information break-through to put the Western critics of your stability and multi-vector policies to the blush?

Seriously? Come on! You just screwed up.

But, as the highest officially recognized authority within the Belarusian boarders, or Aliaksandar Rygoravich Lukashenka, said on a completely different occasion, "not just bad things are associated with the famous…"

Apparently, Belarusian diplomats obtained the information which became the basis for the report mostly from Western media. Moreover, in the report, these media are referred to simply as "reliable open sources".

Of course, at first I was annoyed: no direct quotes, unknown sources of information. It felt so suspicious because I don’t trust such sources. I stand corrected. Having read the report I see that they picked up the data regarding Poland from Gazeta Wyborcza, where I have the honor to be employed as a journalist.

I have a little question in this regard.

Our court of Leninski district of the city of Grodna, known as the world's most impartial court, found that some articles of our newspaper were defamation of the highest officially recognized authority within the boarder of Belarus, or Aliaksandar Rygoravich Lukashenka. To be more specific, the court meant my publications for which I, so to say, was tried and convicted.

What shall we do with that, Uladzimir Uladzimiravich? The report smells with unhealthy selectiveness of sources. When it is "about them" – it is true, when it is "about us" - it is lie and provocation.

Not good.

In April 2012 you said: "The defamation of Belarus and its people in Western media is unacceptable for any civilized society".

And as it turns out now, the media that defame Belarus are also reliable sources at the same time.

How should we interpret that, Uladzimir Uladzimiravich?

But as for the rest, good job. You should do more reading, studying, analyzing…