Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Igar Alienevich: The guarantee of our renaissance


The political prisoner sent a letter from prison to his mother.

Valiantsina Alienevich wrote about that on her Facebook account:

- A letter came from Igar…

"Hello, mom and dad! I’m writing this first letter to you in the new year. I will tell you how I celebrated, because by weekdays here seem very dim to you. We ate a cake in the morning, drank tea to the health of the close ones and started cooking the main dishes for the day, mainly salads, porridges with spices etc. I also bought some canned pineapples. After lunch they allowed to make a phone call home. And yeah, we decorated the section. They sent me different snowflakes in letters, so it was beautiful. In the evening we watched a new year’s concert in the Lenin room. This is how I entered the new year.

By the time I had received a large number of congratulations, but the main part came only in a few days. It is difficult to list everyone, it is hard to even systematize. Many people celebrate with whole families, collectives, groups. There are apparently no good they would not have wished me. The reading of the messages takes hours. The spectrum of the people is very different: young people, pensioners, students, journalists, civic activists, and civic associations. From Russia, Poland, France, Finland, Switzerland. I am very grateful to all the solidary citizens for such a broad and cordial support.

It is a true pleasure to read the congratulations. With that one can courageously serve the term and not go desperate of grieve. Among people there live human solidarity, and compassion, and irate indignation, and intolerance to lie, and the condemnation of captivity. The nature gave a human a great adaptive capabilities for him to survive where no other animal can survive. And at the same time it laid the ethic foundations on the level of instinct for the human race not to break up into a multitude of atoms. In that there is guarantee of the future renaissance".