Updated at 13:10,05-06-2023

Belarus rejects UN resolution


The Belarusian delegation said it didn't support the resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The information was received from the Belarusian MFA.

Iryna Belskaya, a counselor of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Belarus in the UN, said the decision had been taken by the Belarusian delegation "for principled reasons, including those connected with the adoption by the Council of a resolution establishing a politically motivated mandate of a special rapporteur on Belarus in July 2012. These decisions that were forced upon the Council by a group of the European Union states deliberately misrepresent the situation with human rights in Belarus and are aimed to interfere with the domestic affairs of the country."

The MFA also notes that the Belarusian representative expressed her dissatisfaction with the "increasing use of such instruments by the UN Human Rights Council to exert political pressure on sovereign states. Belarus’ representative is also concerned over the use of double standards in the interests of individual groups of countries."