Updated at 00:49,24-06-2021

Сooperation with Minsk continues, Bundestag member says


The German left are demanding to stop cooperation with all the countries where human rights are violated.

After the scandal in media around the cooperation between German and Belarusian police the German federal government refused to debate about cooperation with authoritarian regimes, the Berlin’s Tagesspiegel reports, referring to the response of the German Ministry of Interior’s secretary of state Olle Shredder to a Dungestag member from the left party Jan Korte.

In his official request the party’s internal coordinator asked about the peculiarities of Germany’s cooperation with antidemocratic, authoritarian and totalitarian regime, which don’t correspond to Western standards, Radio Svaboda reports.

In the meanwhile, another representative of the leftist parliamentary opposition Andrew Hunko in his statement, published by German media, highlights: although the cooperation with Belarusian police is formally halted, if fact it continues. Since 2009 Belarus has had an observer status in the European Union’s program for border safety FRONTEX.

Such close connection of Europeans with Belarusian authorities in the framework of migration policy gives German and Belarusian parties an opportunity to exchange data about illegal migrants. This can contribute to political refugee’s deportation to Belarus.

The German left are demanding that the federal government stop cooperating with all the countries, where human rights are regularly abused, opposition and minorities are suppressed. They consider that cooperation with foreign police must go under undiverted control of Bundestag in future.