Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Stefan Eriksson: The good will prevail. Long live Belarus!

The Swedish ambassador made a statement addressed to the Belarusians.

Stefan Eriksson, Sweden’s envoy to Minsk whose accreditation was not prolonged by the Belarusian powers, thanked the people of Belarus for their support in a message posted on his Facebook account.

"Dear friends! I have already realized that I will not be able to answer properly to the support that you are showing. It is hard times for me. I never wanted to be in that situation, and would exchange your praise for a possibility to work in Belarus and see you! Your support is undoubtedly soothing and heart-warming. And I am so grateful for that!

I’m not sure if I deserve your praise, because anyway I was simply doing my job that I loved so much and tried to be honest about. Belarus may have given me inspiration to do so much more than I ought to, but then this is your accomplishment! When I read your comments, I get a feeling that you have already buried me… Please, don’t burry me yet,” the diplomat wrote.

“Karlsson/Eriksson will be back! See you soon! The good will prevail! Long live Belarus,"
he wrote.

Swedish Ambassador Stefan Eriksson has left Belarus by order of the Belarusian authorities, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said Friday on Twitter. "Lukashenko regime has expelled Swedish ambassador to Belarus for being too supportive of human rights," Mr. Bildt said. "Outrageous. Shows nature of regime."