Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Kavalienka resumed hunger strike

Nasha Niva

Siarhiej Kavalienka, a Belarusian political activist and political prisoner, resumed the hunger strike as a protest against the unlawful sentence on May 8, reports his wife Aliena Kavalienka.
"He also demanded to release all political prisoners and to make any national symbols [first of all disgraced by the authorities white-red-white flag — NN] demonstration free and not persecuted. Now he is in the same remand prison in Viciebsk where he was violently treated in December. His health condition is very poor, but he is refused qualified medical help", says Ms. Kavalienka.

"According to the Convention on Human Rights ratified by Belarus and Belarusian Constitution every person has a right to receive medical help in spite of the location if there is such need, and Siarhiej needs it very much. However, he is deprived of this right. Why are they killing him? For his love to Belarus, to Belarusian language and national symbols",
says Ms. Kavalienka.

Siarhiej Kavalienka was sentenced to 2 and 1 month in jail for violation of the terms of hard labour he was sentenced to for putting a national white-red-white flag on Christmas tree in Viciebsk.