Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Can Lukashenko afford a belt from Hermes or iPhone for Kolya? - photos

Lukashenko would collect for the Swiss watch save eight and a half months, and for the electric car for the younger son - almost a year.

"Salidarnasts" has counted, how much does it costs to Belarusian State a respectable view of the main official of the country.

In his annual address to the nation President Alexander Lukashenko admitted, he earns about two thousand dollars per month.

"But in the neighboring countries they get $150 thousand per year. - You see what the difference we have in salaries", the words of the Belarusian leader sounded like a complaint.

In fact, head of the neighboring states appear, as expected, respectable. For example, the income of the former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in 2010 amounted to 111,937 dollars - this is the salary and incomes from investments.

But let's see what "our leader" wears for his small salary.

Lukashenka's wardrobe

So, suits for Lukashenko sews the brand shop-studio "Line A" at the Office of Presidential Affairs. Red price of such a suit from Italian fabrics or fabrics made in Belarus is five million rubles. At the current exchange rate is neither more nor less than 618 dollars, or one third of Lukashenka's salary.

And in the midst of economic crisis in August of 2011 the Belarusian President was seen on fields in the T-shirt Corneliani for 766,000 rubles. At the rate of National Bank at that time this T-shirt costed 152 dollars! On a payday Lukashenko was able to buy 13 such T-shirts.

Can Lukashenko afford a belt from Hermes or iPhone for Kolya? - photos

Or look at the jumper from Nike, the head of the strong and prosperous Belarus wearing it mowed a grass in 2009. It's unlikely, the president got it on sales in "Akropolis".

Can Lukashenko afford a belt from Hermes or iPhone for Kolya? - photos

As well as the belt from Hermes, put on by the head of state in the fields of "Bolshevik-Agro" enterprise. Its cost is estimated at one thousand dollars, or half of the current Lukashenko's salary.

Lukashenko also prefers royal accessories. Remember, how in the 2009th journalists photographed the Belarusian leader during his visit to Lithuania? On the right hand of the head of state splendoured the Swiss watch PatekPhilippeCalatrava 5120j, which cost nearly 17 thousand dollars. To buy such watches from his salary Alexander Lukashenko will have to collect eight and a half months, abandoning all expenses!

Can Lukashenko afford a belt from Hermes or iPhone for Kolya? - photos

How much is Lukashenko's hockey stick

Expensive for Lukashenko and his sporting passions. As "Moskovsky Komsomolets" wrote, a sports bicycle costs about $1,000, same is Hockey ammunition.

It turns out, that only sports equipment of the head of state "tends" to the whole salary.

Appearance of Lukashenko at the biker festival in July 2009 led to rumors. President went to Avenue on the motorcycle of one of the most expensive models, Harley-DavidsonUltraClassicElectraGlide cost of not less than 32 thousand euros. As the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" wrote, Minsk bikers argued that it is the personal bike of Lukashenko. However, in the income statement, issued before the elections of 2010, the motorcycle didn't appear.

"But it's not about me, I'm not going to die, I would be worn by the state and brought to work", said Alexander Lukashenko addressing the people and the parliament in the oval room.

It turns out, the expensive watches and the suit for 618 dollars - all bought at the expense of budget funds. So whether or not to complain about small salary, if the state provides you with everything?

The whole story with living at the expense of taxpayers' money reminds the advertising of bank cards, which can be paraphrased in this way: "There are things that can not be bought. For everything else there is ... the state".

Kolya's toys

Being in charge of the state, Alexander Lukashenko, probably, can afford king's gifts for the youngest son, Kolya. In 2009th small Kolya driving the electric vehicle met with Moscow journalist Mikhail Gusman in the residence in Drozdy. The price of this "machine" is not for children - about 20 thousand dollars.

Subsequently, in the author's program of Gusman "power formula" there was a whole story about his ride on the "machine" of the president's son. And by the way, Kolya's father to buy such a gift should collect 10 months salary ...

In 2010, on May Day, during a walk in Gorky Park of Lukashenko and his son Kolya, TV-men filmed in the hands of the boy iPhone from Apple. As journalists considered, the cost of the phone, depending on the model, starts from $600. This is more than a third of the Belarusian leader's salary.

After the devaluation of Lukashenko lost $500?

Before the last presidential elections, Alexander Lukashenko declared profits for the year 2009 of $94 million 539 thousand 101 rubles. According to the dollar rate in December 2010 the head of state revenues amounted to about 31,098 dollars. If in addition to salary, Lukashenka has no other source of income, then during his third term, he received of about 2590 dollars per month. It turns out that after the devaluation, the Belarusian leader's salary decreased by $590. Perhaps, it is exactly the lost five hundred gives no rest to the head of state, and he, like a mantra, repeats the promises to increase the average salary?