Updated at 17:18,18-06-2021

Bondareko's custody conditions are equated to torture

Ukrainian expert Andrey Rohansky made a conclusion about the health of Belarusian political prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko.

Dmitry Bondarenko - the trustee of the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for taking part in demonstrations against the rigged presidential elections on December 19, 2010, is serving a sentence in the Mogilev Penal Colony 15.

The examination was carried out on the basis of medical documents issued to Bondarenko, including that on the basis of a spinal surgery's epicrisis.

Dmitry Bondarenko was prescribed: rehabilitation under the supervision of a neurologist, excluding tilts, sitting, "twisting" the spine, completely eliminate the heavy lifting of more than 4 kg. physiotherapy, foot massage and other treatments. Naturally, in the colony such conditions are not provided to him.

According to Andrey Rohansky, in Ukraine the patients with such a state of health are assigned a second group of disability.

"The collection of presented medical data illustrates the need of medical and social expertise for Bondarenko to determine the degree of disability ...

Not providing to Bondarenko special medical rehabilitation of medical equipment (orthopedic shoes, walking stick) can be regarded as torture and cruel treatment
", says the conclusion of examination, which the site protivpytok.org cites.

Note: Andrey Rohansky is a lawyer, doctor, MD, coordinator of the NGO "Institute for Legal Studies and Strategies", Ukraine.