Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

Pavel Vinogradov was sentenced to 10 days


This decision was made ​​on February 22 in Moscowski District Court of Minsk by the judge Tatyana Motyl. An activist of "Tell the Truth!" was found guilty of participating in the unsanctioned action on Feb. 10 in front of Minsk city executive committee.

The action, entitled "Toys protest!" was organized by the youth wing of "Tell the Truth!" called "Zmena" (change). At that time none of the participants were detained.

But, apparently, the police found its organizers, since on February 22 one of its potential participants - Alexander Artsybashev was detained in a court. The activist was arrested when he brought a parcel to Pavel Vinogradov.

Artsybashev is accused under the same article of Administrative Code - violation of order of holding unauthorized events.

It's also known that Pavel Vinogradov is on hunger strike.