Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

Statkevich to be transferred to a closed prison


Political prisoner Mikalay Statkevich will be transferred to a closed prison for 3 years

This decision was made on January 12th district by the judge of Shklou District Court Vitaly Volkov. The politician will serve his term in the closed prison № 4 in Mogilev.

Administration of the colony accused Statkevich of he "didn't mend his way" and in the future after serving his sentence intends "to lead a criminal lifestyle".

The formal reason for accusation of violating the regime, according to the wife of political prisoner Marina Adamovich, was that Statkevich had no label with a number of prisoner on his clothes, and didn't put in a list of personal belongings a handkerchief. Adamovich said that the politician is being revenged for the publication of his letters from prison in Belarusian media.

Marina Adamovich, who was not allowed to present at the court hearing, considers the verdict unfair, noting that "if everything was going on by justice, then this court wouldn't happen".