Updated at 18:53,10-09-2021

Young opposition activist sentenced to seven days in jail over egg attack on pro-government Communists


A judge of the Maskowski District Court in Minsk on Tuesday sentenced young opposition activist Pavel Syarhey to seven days in jail over his participation in an egg attack on pro-government Communists on November 7.

Judge Lyubow Syamakhina found the man guilty of disorderly conduct under Article 17.1 of the Civil Offenses Code.

Mr. Syarhey, as well as Mikhail Muski and Raman Vasilyew, all members of an opposition group called Malady Front, threw eggs at activists of the Communist Party of Belarus during their rally in Independence Square in Minsk on the 94th anniversary of the October Revolution. They were immediately arrested by plainclothesmen.

The trio spent the night at the detention center on Akrestsina Street. Messrs. Muski and Vasilyew were expected to stand trial later on Tuesday.

Malady Front said on Monday that the attack was meant to remind the public about Communist "crimes".