Updated at 13:21,04-09-2023

Lukashenko Assigned Ranks of Major-Generals to Governors and Mayor of Minsk


November 3, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko assigned the rank of Major-General to six governors and the mayor of Minsk during a visit to a stationary command headquarters of the territorial defense area in Minsk. According to the president, they are also heads of the defense councils in their regions.

"He's Maj.-Gen. from today. It's responsible for territorial defense. It is his right to launch the entire territorial defense, having informed the President. If the President approves, let it be," the president said, addressing the mayor of Minsk.

According to the head of state, an annual exercise of territorial defense should be held in Minsk, BelTA informs.

Lukashenko: someone may not like it, some may feel uncomfortable, but it's a must

The president said that "everything we do - it's not just for show." According to him, "we don't need window dressing." He recalled how the troops of the invaders crossed the territory of Belarus for several weeks in 1941. "Is that normal? To avoid this, we should learn from it, we should keep it in mind," he said.

Alexander Lukashenko considers the Territorial Army the most effective means of national defense in the event of external aggression. He notes that it also helps to minimize the financial costs, since there is no possibility and necessity to maintain a large army.

"We don't have such an opportunity today - and no need for that. But we have to prepare the population to perform its functions at the right time. This would be the most effective defense of our country," said the president.

He says everyone is responsible for the defense of the country. According to him, "someone may not like it, some may feel uncomfortable, but it's a must." "We need to save our country. And if they see that we are doing it seriously - they will never turn up here," he said.

Lukashenko: it's not because we are afraid

According to the President, it is necessary to wider promote the idea of territorial defense. The President demanded to completely eliminate formalism in the preparation of regional forces and the organization of territorial defense. "All this is very serious, and not because we're afraid. We need to ensure the safety of our country," said the president.

He praised the staff of the territorial defense in Minsk and the mayor personally. "I see that you are aware of the situation, you know how to protect, how to act," said Alexander Lukashenko.

The President requested the Council to carefully consider all the documents on the organization of territorial defense, if necessary, adapted to the conditions of the real situation, as well as to make appropriate changes, focusing on the quality of local forces' training.

Lukashenko: businessmen should be the core of territorial defense

The President said that the territorial defense should be nation-wide and well-designed. "Businessmen should be the core of such groups," he believes.

The President also visited Minsk unitary enterprise Minsk City Executive Committee Special Company, where he got acquainted with the conditions of storage and organization of material resources for the Territorial Army. "If everyone is stored this way in the country, then there will be no questions. Well done," he said.