Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

No career if not a member of Belaya Rus?


Ideologists in regions intimidate people with the People's Assembly, the "all-seeing" eye of the KGB and inability to get a promotion without joining Belaya Rus (White Russia) organization.

As Viasna human rights centre reports, ideologists of Babruisk enterprises were instructed at a staff meeting in the city executive committee what themes they should discuss with their subordinates.

One of the main problems for local executives is the oncoming People's Assembly.

Babruisk human rights activists learnt from a source in the city executive committee that ideologists were ordered to warn people that "something terrible and grandiose will happen on October 8". They were advised to control appearing "Pravda Mogilevshchiny" newspaper (with information about the event) at enterprises and destroy it immediately.

Local authorities invented another new way to intimidate people: "We track what websites you visit even at home". Ideologists advised people to visit only odnoklassniki, a Russian social network site, and culinary websites.

The ideologists also worry about attracting new members to Belaya Rus organization, which will be reorganized in a party. Young specialists were warned they cannot count on promotion until they join the pro-Lukashenka organization.

We remind that in Soviet times, especially in the last "stagnation" years, one cannot even dream about good career or an executive position without joining the communist party.