Updated at 14:18,20-03-2023

Big Conversation with President to take place in February

Big Conversation with President to take place in February
Big Conversation with the President, 9 August 2021, Palace of Independence. An archive photo
In February, Belarus will hold a traditional event, Big Conversation with the President, during which President Aleksandr Lukashenko will talk live with journalists, bloggers and members of the public, Press Secretary of the Belarusian leader Natalya Eismont said in an interview on 5 February, BelTA has learned.

“One more thing that you, journalists, are most interested in is the opportunity to personally talk with the head of state. There are plans to hold the Big Conversation with the President event in February. It will, as usual, have a broad format. We invite our journalists, bloggers, and community activists to talk as openly as possible with the president in a live broadcast,” the press secretary said.

A pause for a year and a half was a deliberate move, she said. The previous event took place on 9 August 2021. “It was very important for us to give journalists and the president an opportunity to summarize the results of the difficult yet productive year 2022. Today, when January is over, we have all the statistics. The upcoming conversation, I think, will largely be about the results of 2022. Of course, it will include other issues. As usual, the president will be as open as possible and will answer all of the questions from reporters,” Natalya Eismont said.