Updated at 14:39,19-02-2024

Belarusian diplomat in OSCE puts blame on West for events in Ukraine

Belarusian diplomat in OSCE puts blame on West for events in Ukraine
The events in Ukraine is the result of the reckless policy of the West, Permanent Representative of Belarus to the OSCE Andrei Dapkiunas said at the special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on 24 February, BelTA has learned.

"Over the past few years, Belarus has been warning and literally sounding the alarm about the dangerous escalation of the military-political situation in our region. They didn't listen to us. Belarus put forward a number of major initiatives to restart a broad international dialogue on European security which directly correspond to the essence of the Helsinki process that once brought peace and long-awaited détente to our continent. They nodded our heads approvingly, but no one took them seriously," the diplomat said.

Moreover, Belarus repeatedly stated the danger of the reckless policy pursued by a number of Western countries, who have increasingly used blatant pressure and threats as tools to solve their own and international problems. "We asked the question: how long can this escalation of tension and hysteria, political and economic coercion, hybrid attacks and aggressive rhetoric continue? In response, we heard only reproaches, accusations and new threats! The current situation, unfortunately, is a direct consequence of the reckless policy of the West who pushes its own interests to the detriment of the security of others," Andrei Dapkiunas emphasized.

According to him, this resulted in a rapid increase in tensions in the Eastern European region, the degradation of the international security system that was created over decades, and the devaluation of international treaties and agreements.