Updated at 17:18,18-06-2021

Belarus, Russia, China touted as outposts of sovereignty


Belarus, Russia, China touted as outposts of sovereignty
Belarus, Russia and China are outposts of sovereignty in today's world, Professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations Elena Ponomareva said in an interview to ONT TV channel, BelTA has learned.

According to the expert, the technology of pressure, which the West is now applying to Belarus, is not new. “This technology has been used by the West more than once, from the Balkan crisis to the White Helmets in Syria [the organization that received support in the West, but was accused by the Syrian authorities of ties with extremists],” said Elena Ponomareva. “Globalization gave rise to a monster, a conglomerate of transnational companies and supranational, paramilitary structures and even international crime. Very often they dictate their will to the states. European countries are tightly integrated into the agenda of the supranational structure which determines their policy. We can see it very clearly in the Belarusian case."

Elena Ponomareva explained that it was not the states themselves who made the decisions in this situation. “They were actually forced to sign up to the opinion of some European bureaucrats. In this sense, Russia, Belarus, China are the outposts of sovereignty in the modern world, which need to be developed, protected to show that it is possible to actually live with honorably and independently,” Elena Ponomareva added.