Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Lukashenko About Protesting Students: They Must Be Expelled From Universities


Lukashenko About Protesting Students: They Must Be Expelled From Universities
Belarus is facing terrorist threats. Alexander Lukashenko said this at a meeting to discuss the preparations for the Belarusian People’s Congress on 27 October, Zvyazda writes.

The meeting started with a delay. According to Lukashenko, the schedule had to be shifted because of the discussion of the government’s response to the situation in the country.

On strikes

Lukashenko touched upon several issues during the meeting, including ongoing strikes at a number of state-run plants and eterprises.

“As to these calls from Poland and Lithuania for ultimatums and strikes (yesterday I ordered the prime minister and almost everyone present here) not to persuade anyone – workers, students, doctors, teachers, civil servants. Now is such a moment when everyone has to choose the path to follow,” he said.

According to Lukashenko, if the workers do not want to work, then they do not need to, but he is convinced that there are only a few of them.

“If students come to study, they should study. Whoever wants to study, let them do it. Those who join an unauthorized action in violation of the law lose their right to be students. Send them, as I said, to the army or to the street – let them walk the streets. But they must be expelled from the university,” he added.

He suggested to use the same scheme with regard to teachers “who behave disgustingly in universities”, although he again stressed that there are not mnay of them. He is convinced that the organizers of the protests in Belarus have already passed 7-8 stages described in the guidelines for color revolutions.

“There is very little left. The next stage is radicalization. It is happening now,” Lukashenko said and urged parents “to remove children from the streets so that later it wouldn’t be painful,” [a quote from the Pul Pervyi Telegram channel] he warned.

On crossing red lines

“These protestors are hanging out in the streets. Mostly […] in Minsk. But nevertheless, we stated the fact that this mass [of people – Ed.], which remained, radicalized. We clearly see the organizers and those who fulfil these ideas,” he said.

Lukashenko said that earlier he had ordered to work carefully until the protesters crossed the red line. But the last few days show that this red line was passed in many directions.

“How should we react to the fact that they have already started blocking the automation in the railway, as experts say, to lock the rails. This can lead to serious railway accidents, disasters and the death of many people. These are the actions of organized criminal groups with signs of terrorism. Terrorist threats are coming,” Lukashenko added.

“Today we have already reported that they have cut several traffic lights in Minsk. They are breaking, smashing what has been created for years. And most importantly, people are tired of all this,” [a quote from a video by the Pul Pervyi Telegram channel] he said.

In his opinion, “when the red line is crossed, the authorities must react.” Earlier, the KGB said that the actions of the protesters “aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country and forcibly changing the constitutional order” will be responded to as the acts of terrorism.