Updated at 23:17,14-04-2021

Minsk criticizes Poland's request for U.S. military base

Alyaksey ALYAKSANDRAW, Naviny.by

Minsk criticizes Poland's request for U.S. military base
A U.S. military base in Poland would not strengthen stability in the region, a spokesperson for the Belarusian foreign ministry told reporters in Minsk on September 27.

Anatol Hlaz said that Minsk was following the situation regarding Poland's request for a permanent U.S. military presence on its soil and would be "forced to adjust its approaches in corresponding areas in a certain way" depending on how it developed.

Minsk is certain that security "cannot be achieved through muscle pumping," according to the official. "In the world of modern technologies, including in the military sphere, drawing additional facilities and forces to one's territory is a game with no result," he said. "That only weakens the security of a specific state and neighboring states and contributes to the escalation of military and political tensions and the emergence of new dividing lines."

Such steps cannot strengthen much-needed "stability, predictability and transparency in the region," said Mr. Hlaz.

"On the contrary, the restoration of understanding and trust in the military and political sphere, including elements of control over conventional weapons, is needed today as much as never before," he said. "That is why the focus needs to be placed on that rather than on militarization."

Belarus is ready for that, he said, referring to the country's calls for a new peace-building process and a higher degree of cooperation between the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union.

U.S. President Donald Trump said last week that the United States was considering Poland's request for the establishment of a U.S. military base on its territory. Warsaw is willing to put $2 billion into the project.