Updated at 13:31,08-06-2021

Minsk city authorities explain why BNR plaque cannot be installed


Minsk city authorities explain why BNR plaque cannot be installed
Photo: svaboda.org
It has finally become clear why a plaque to commemorate 100 years of independent Belarusian National Republc (BNR) cannot be mounted on a wall of the building where the BNR was declared (Valadarski Street, 9). The Belarusian Social-Democratic Party has received a reply signed by deputy head of Minsk City Executive Committee Ihar Yurkevich, nn.by reports.

The permission to install the plaque was given by the city authorities in March 2018 – on the eve of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian National Republic. The money needed to create the plaque was raised through the crowdfunding platform Talaka. The plaque made by sculptor Ales Shaternik was supposed to be attached to the building on 23 March. However, Minsk City Executive Committee officials started hampering the installation and the meeting where it had to be approved was put off several times.

Yurkevich has explained the delay by the public’s negative appeals: “A number of Belarusian citizens and representatives of the public have sent appeals containing negative opinions as regards the installation of the memory plaque at Valadarski Street, 9. Minsk City Executive Committee is still considering the expedience of the installation of the plaque.”

The official is still on leave and cannot comment on the issue, Ihar Yurkevich’s assistant Asya Biruk told journalists.