Updated at 14:28,05-12-2022

FM Makei: EU is our second most significant partner


FM Makei: EU is our second most significant partner
Photo: BELTA
Speaking at the meeting with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel at the Minsk Forum 2017 on Friday, Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei stressed that Berlin has never made Belarus choose between East or West.

"Our partners have never made us choose to be either with Russia or with the European Union. And we have never said that we are going to develop our relations with the EU at the cost of our relations with Russia or vice versa. Located between the interests of two geopolitical players, Belarus must interact with everyone. I am grateful to the German side for supporting this idea of combining the Eurasian and European integration processes, keeping in mind that it will lead to reduced confrontation in our region and to strengthened peace and security," Makei said.

Uladzimir Makei added that Russia remains Belarus' main ally and partner. Belarus is closely connected with its eastern neighbor politically and economically. "We have never set a goal of breaking ties with Russia. On the contrary, we have always tried to strengthen our ties. But we cannot leave without attention the other importat region. European Union remains our second most significaint partner," Belarusian foreign minister said.

Uladzimir Makei concluded his speech by stressing that the more stable Belarus is, the more stable the situation in the region will be.