Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Last Russian troops leave Belarus after West 2017


Last Russian troops leave Belarus after West 2017
Photo: ria.ru
The last echelon of Russian soldiers and military equipment has departed from Belarus. The soldiers took part in the joint military exercise West-2017, ria.ru reports.

The echelon has departed from Barysau railway station. Logistic support troops are the last ones to be leaving Belarus.

The Russian troops that took part in West-2017 should leave Belarus by September 30.

Belarus-Russia strategic maneuvers West-2017 were held on September 14-20. 12.7 thousand military men took part in them. 10.2 thousand soldiers trained in Belarus: about 7 thousand Belarusians and 3 thousand Russians. 370 armoured vehicles, 150 artillery and missile units and more than 40 airplanes and helicopters were used during the military exercise.