Updated at 14:48,20-09-2021

Sidorski may return to government - reports


Sidorski may return to government - reports
Former Belarusian prime minister Siarhei Sidorski may return to a high-ranking position in the government, reports TUT.by quoting informed sources. The 62-year-old statesman began his career as the director of Homiel Radio Technological Equipment Factory. He moved to Minsk in 2001 to serve as a deputy prime minister (2001-2002) and first deputy prime minister (2002-2003). Sikorski then worked as prime minister from 2003 through December 27, 2010. In the past years, he has worked as the minister for industry and agricultural sector at the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). In this capacity, he often visited key enterprises in Belarus.

"There is information that a letter was sent to the Eurasian Economic Commission to recall Sidorski. The government is now in need of a strong top industrial manager who is capable of fomulating his stance clearly," said one of the intelocutors. According to information from this source, Sidorski is likely to get the post of the head of Presidential Administration.

However, the sources advise not to rush to conclusions, because rumors about Sidorski returning to high-ranking government posts would pop up earlier but he would remain where he is now.

Lukashenka hinted at a possible recall of Belarusian specialists from the Eurasian Econonomic Commission when he met on September 20 at his meeting with the State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rappota.