Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Uladzimir Kondrus detained for Square-2010 in Minsk


One more person has been detained for ‘December 19, 2010 mass riots’. Rudzensk inhabitant Uladzimir Kondrus, 38, has been jailed at detention centre #1 in Valadarski Street, the human rights website Viasna reports.

The man was arrested on June 14, human rights defenders say. He is on a long-term hunger strike in protest against the detention. His health condition has deteriorated and he has been transferred to the prison medial unit.

Official spokesperson of the Investigation Committee Yuliya Hancharova has confirmed Kondrus’ detention to Nasha Niva:

“The Investigation Committee is studying Uladzimir Kondrus’ case. He took part in the mass riots in 2010. All the details are being investigated.”

Nasha Niva suspected Kondrus of being an instigator in 2010. Journalists noticed him at the Freedom Day action on March 25, 2016.

49 people were convicted for Square-2010. Many of them were imprisoned and amnestied or pardoned by the President.

Only ex-candidate Ales Mihalevich is still accused of December 19 riots now. However, his case is suspended.