Updated at 14:28,05-12-2022

Belarus to consider decentralization of public administration system


Belarus will consider the decentralization of public administration system. This was stated by head of the Presidential Administration's economic unit, assistant to the president on economic issues Kiryl Rudy. On April 8, in Minsk, he participated in a meeting of the Coordinating Council of the project "Development of Inclusive Local Governance in the Republic of Belarus."

"If you say today that the situation is better manageable on the ground, let's give some of the powers to the people there and they will all decide, it will lead to chaos, BelaPAN quotes the presidential aide. Each region has its own priorities, and they may be contrary not only to the interests of other regions, but also to the state policy in general. This may lead, god forbid, to the bankruptcy of the areas, where each region would defend its interests "in the general government policy".

At the same time, Mr Rudy believes that "in the modern world there is so much information that the official in the central office will not be able to digest it all and make an informed decision on their own." The decentralization may be the partial transfer of power to the local authorities. To do this, "it is necessary to develop a clear procedure, the order of how these powers will be implemented."

Thus, it is planned to increase the functional and economic independence of the local authorities. However, at the same time there "will be retained political control and centralization."