Updated at 11:40,06-05-2021

Uladzimir Matskevich to stand trial for meeting he did not attend


Well-known civil activist Uladzimir Matskevich has been summoned to Minsk Central District Court. The administrative case for participation in an entrepreneurs’ meeting on February 15 will be considered there on March 15.

Matskevich is surprised because he did not attend that meeting.

"I did not want to come to court because I had not been present at the meeting. But they have sent me a new subpoena. I do not know why they are doing it because I was not there. They will probably call witnesses from the police who will say that they saw me. I think that they are simply replenishing the budget this way,” Matskevich told Radio Liberty.

Matskevich was also summoned by an investigator earlier. He did not come and a report for default was drawn up against him.

Ales Abramovich, Mikalai Statkevich, Ales Makayeu and Mikalai Kazlou were fined for huge sums for taking part in unauthorised actions on February 15 and 22 in Minsk, Euroradio reported on March 9.