Updated at 14:05,30-11-2022

Belarus’ Independence Declaration adopted 25 years ago


Belarus became an independent state back then.

The BSSR Supreme Council adopted the declaration of Belarus’ state sovereignty 25 year ago – on July 27, 1990.

The document announced the independence of the BSSR and the supremacy of the state power in the republic and independence in all foreign affairs.

The Supreme Council gave the declaration the constitutional status on August 25, 1991. It was the basis for changes made in the BSSR Constitution adopted in 1978.

The country changed its official name to the Republic of Belarus on September 19, 1991. New state symbols were introduced – the white-red-white flag and the National Emblem ‘Pahonya’. The leaders of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine cancelled the state agreement on the creation of the USSR (1922) in December 1991. The new Constitution of the Republic of Belarus was adopted on March 15, 1994.

Belarus celebrated its Independence Day on July 27 in 1991-1996. The day was changed to July 3 (the day of Belarus’ liberation form fascist invaders) after the referendum of 1996.