Updated at 13:22,17-06-2024

Magazine Maxim may be closed in Russia for interview with Siarhei Mikhalok


The bad language used by the musician is the reason for it.

The magazine Maxim has been warned by Roskomnadzor for publishing an interview with rock musician Siarhei Mikhalok. The interview was published in May. It contained foul words used by the musician, medusa.io reports.

It is the second warning pronounced to Maxim this year. Roskomnadzor may ask the court to deprive the magazine of its license now.

The article How To Take Bribes published in the Internet version of the magazine on the website Maxim Online in October 2104 was the reason for the first warning. The inspectorate warned the edition that the website could be closed down and ISPs could restrict access to it. The article had been deleted before the warning was pronounced, the edition replied back then.