Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Belarusian gets jailed or 7 years for espionage in Poland


He had been presenting false information to Polish special services for 8 years and was paid for it.

Belarusian Alyaksandr Lyanyuk has been imprisoned for 7 years for espionage in Poland. He cooperated with a Polish special serve in 1999-2007 and got $319 thousand and €18 thousand for it. However, his information about ‘Belarusian agents’ and ‘a Belarusian spy network’ turned out to be false.

The Belarusian’s activity resulted in ‘inefficient actions of the Polish special service’, the court decided. Lyanyuk forged his documents – he made a special services certificate. He presented a false list of Belarusian officers to the Polish special service and Poles believed their agent.

The Belarusian was arrested in 2011. Warsaw Court left the decision of the circuit court in force at the end of May.

Alyaksandr Lyanyuk’s case is not the last one. The case of Belarusian Yury K. suspected of espionage will be considered soon. He is facing up to 10 years of imprisonment. Belarusian citizen Syarhei Monich was imprisoned for 5.5 years for espionage in Poland six years ago, tut.by reminds. He was accused of trying to receive secret information about the Polish MFA for a fee.