Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Transport minister does not use public transport

Tamara Savich, Euroradio

Euroradio finds out if Belarusian government officials take use of their ministerial experience in their day-to-day routines.

Transport minister Anatol Sivak admits he has no monthly public transport ticket and has never used a ticket validator. The last time he used public transportation was six months ago - and it was for official duty purposes.

“It was on November 7. I was taking a city train from Ratamka together with controllers to check how people pay their fares and whether they treat ticket officials properly.” The minister promises Euroradio to address complaints that it is difficult to buy tickets at stops, while using a monthly ticket is not always handy.

Euroradio asked ministers if they used their professional experience in their day-to-day routines.

Finance minister Uladzimir Amaryn deposits his money at saving accounts… in the local currency (Belarusian ruble).

“He receives his salary at a Belarusbank wage card," press secretary Iryna Komar says. "This is simultaneously a saving account card. I am not aware about the interest rate."

Bealrusbank tells Euroradio that the interest rate for the saving account card varies between 20% and 29% depending on the amount.

Belarus assembles Belarusian-Chienese car Jeely. Does Industry Minister Uladzimir Vouk like to drive this Belarusian car-making industry's star?

“He drives Audi А8," explains the minister's secretary and even cross checks some related data on her computer. The vehicle has been with us for about five years - a left-over from the previous minister.”

Why does not the minister drive the Belarus-made car then?

“It is a very good question indeed!" it is hard to figure out if the secretary is ironic or not. "But who will give it to us? it does not matter that this is a Belarus-made car. We are serviced by the president's garage."

Trade ministry's secretary reveals that Minister Valiancin Chakanau uses Belarusian goods. Last December, the ministry closed temporarily several shops after spotting they offered no Belarus-made TVs, tiles or flat irons.

“I am not able to name the brands exactly," press-secretary Alena Malinouskaya sounds confused.

The allmighty Euroradio failed to learn if agriculture minister Leanid Zayats has a summer house or dacha. The secretary stands up firm not to reveal the secret: “We are having a seeding campaign! There is fuel shortage for tractors, but you are asking about some dachas!”