Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Homel authorities about Ukrainian refugees: We have vacancies for all


The authorities send Ukrainians refugees to villages.

A resident of Homel told charter97.org that many Ukrainian refugees are registered at the employment centre in Homel.

“The employment centre in Homel sees such a huge inflow of refugees from Ukraine that the authorities decided to give them priority so that they could earn their living. State-owned companies don't want to employ refugees, because they can return to their home country at any moment, but small businessmen are happy to hire Ukrainians. I wanted to find a job at the market, but market traders told me they prefer Ukrainians, because they are ready to work for very low pay. The authorities mainly send them to work in villages and empty agricultural settlements, where they can receive homes to live,” the reader writes.

The Homel regional executive committee confirms the city has met an inflow of refuges, but assures the situation is under control. The local authorities refute the rumours about employment priorities for refugees and agree that most vacancies are in villages. Charter97.org learnt it from Leanid Malchuk, the first deputy chairman of the committee of labour, employment and social protection at the Homel regional executive committee.

“We have vacancies for all. Of course, most people want to be economists and accountants, but most vacancies are blue-collar jobs, so we offer them to all people, including refugees. We give them information about vacancies in the agricultural sector and fewer vacancies in industry. They can receive homes in villages. All vacancies are available on the website of the regional executive committee. We offer jobs to all who apply for them. Those who don't like the offered variants look for something different. Of course, most refugees go to villages, because villages offer 345 vacancies with different types of accommodation, from private houses to dormitories,” he says.

Speaking about rumours among Homel residents that Belarus will pay grants and pensions to Ukrainian citizens, the official said it was impossible.

“No one will pay grants or pensions to refugees. They are foreign citizens under Belarusian legislation. To receive a Belarusian pension, one should become a citizen of Belarus, show a certificate from the local pension fund about receiving a pension for six months in advance. Only in this case the pension question will be considered,” Malchuk says.

According to the latest information from Belarus's ambassador to Ukraine, about 26,000 Ukrainians moved from Ukraine to Belarus.